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Wet and Messy to me is just very sexy. I love getting wet and messy in  my clothing. Wether I’m wearing a business office attire, cocktail dress, formal dress, leather dress, casual attire, jeans, cute top, nylons and many more.

Enjoy some trailer previews and some photo previews.



Note: Wet Look archives starts from the recent dated updates. All of my video archives are moved to my clip store for purchases.

Wet Look Series

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  Messy Photos 004:     Messy Look Video 005:    Wine and Rip                  03/25/2015

Dress in office blouse and mini leather skirt, as well as my sexy worn leather Jimmy Choo high heels. I decided to do another fantastic messy video. Smearing chocolate mess all over my body and filling my heels with this chocolate cake batter. Enjoy this trailer. VIDEO and PHOTOS.

  Messy Photos 005:   Messy Look Video 007:  Chocolate Strawberry Surprise 04/29/2015

Sexy messy photos from my video. Here I am pouring mess again all over my clothing ( white tank top, tight jeans and white heels) . Enjoy the photos :) :)VIDEO and PHOTOS.

  Messy Photos 006:   Messy Look Video 008:  Blue Mess 05/27/2015

Enjoy this sexy photos of me getting messy all over from head to toe. Brand new dress get’s TRASHED! VIDEO and PHOTOS.

Messy Look Series

Click button for archives 1-5

Wet Look Photo 010      Video 011         Jacuzzi Wet Fun                               06/10/2015

I decided to relaxed in the Jacuzzi wearing my spandex mini dress from Bebe and my sexy open toe sandal Jimmy Choo high heels. Enjoy this sexy wet look video :)


Wet Look Photo 011      Video 012         Wet and Soapy Leather                          06/24/2015

What a sexy way to get soaking wet in leather jacket and skirt along with a nice peep toe heels.


Wet Look Photo 012      Video 013        A Wet Surprise                          07/17/2015

Wet all the way from head to toe. See through blouse, spandex skirt, pantyhose and white thigh high boots.


Wet Look Photo 013            Wet White Suit                          08/14/2015

Sexy photo set in my white suit pairing with open toe Christian Louboutin heels.



Wet Look Photo 014          Video# 12            D&G Dress and CL Heels                09/04/2015

Here is a special wetlook set. Someone special sent me this very expensive dress and the first thing I did is getting it soak and wet in the shower pairing it with my sexy open toe Christian Louboutin high heels.



Wet Look Photo 015          Video# 13           Soaked Jeans and Heels               09/11/2015

It was so hot outside when I was watering the plants. I needed to cool off my feet, so I decided to hose my sweaty feet at the same time filling up my sating heels with water. Then I moved up to my jeans and hose it all over until it is soaked and wet.


Wet Look Photo 017      Video 015         Shower and Shave                               09/25/2015

I purchased this black leather dress online. It is pretty pricey. I been wanting to wear it for quite sometime now but I never got the chance to wear it somewhere. It’s been hanging in my closet. So when I was going through my rack of clothes  yesterday, I thought it would be great to do a nice wetlook with it. Pairing it with my  black soft leather open toe Marciano high heels with spike design on the back of the heelt PHOTOS AND VIDEO


  Messy Photos 007:   Messy Look Video 009:  Messy Office Outfit 10/02/2015

After work, I thought I would have fun with the outfit that I was wearing by trashing it with messy stuff. I’m wearing a nice JC Crew white blouse, XoXo red satin skirt and black satin high heels with red rose design. I started with my sexy heels and moved my way up. This outfit is now in the trash. Enjoy this sexy messy set. VIDEO and PHOTOS.