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Shoe play such as dangling, heel popping, heel diiping, heel tapping, sexy walking and more. Either I am on my sexy high heels, flats, platform, wedges and other stylish shoes . Enjoy some of the trailer and photo previews.

Shoes 001: Aldo Dangle                                                                                         10/08/2014

Sitting on a kitchen counter dangling my white sexy Aldo high heels and drinking a glass of red wine. PHOTO SET ONLY.

Shoe Photo Set 003: Video 001:  Louboutin Dangle                                         11/29/2014

A nice morning to relax and drink a hot cup of coffee while dangling. Here I am wearing a soft leather dress and my sexy Bianca Christian Louboutin high heels. As I sit there, I did some shoe play such as dangle in different angles, heel dipping and heel popping. VIDEO and PHOTOS. Video is available at my clip store for purchase.

Shoes Photo Set 005 Shoe Video 004    Sexy Sweep                                           12/28/2014

My drive needed some attention. There are leaves all over the ground. I decided to clean up a little bit by sweeping some of the leaves, wearing my sexy pigalle Christian Louboutin high heels. Sometimes the sound of high heels on concrete is just sexy don’t you think? VIDEO and PHOTOS. Full length video is at clips4sale.com

Note: Shoe dangle  archives starts from the recent dated updates. All of my video archives are moved to my clip store for purchases.

Shoes Photo Set 006: Dangle That Loubs  Again                                                  01/18/2015

It’s time to dangle that sexy Bianca Christian Louboutin high heels again. This time , I’m drinking a glass of white wine and having fun dangling my sexy loubs in different angles. Let’s cheers on that ;) PHOTOS ONLY.

Shoes : Video 002     Video Only   Pointy Heels Dangle                                    11/29/2014

Here I am dangling in my sexy Gianmarco lorenzi black suede pointy high heels. Pairing it with sheer black pantyhose and sexy sweater. Watch this set as I dangle in this sexy heels in different camera angle.

  Shoe Photo Set 007   Neon Dangle                                                             03/03/2015

Dangling in this sexy Jimmy Choo Anouk. Pairing it with sexy mini tight orange dress and tan thigh high stockings. Enjoy this sexy colorful shoe photo set :).PHOTOS ONLY

  Shoe Photo Set 008       Shoe Video 007                 Walk Along With Me           03/03/2015

Walk with me as I break in my new MK high heels. As well as dangling, dipping and heels popping. I’m alos wearing my new sexy blue leather dress and a very sexy tan shiny pantyhose. .PHOTOS AND VIDEO

  Shoe Photo Set 009      Shoe Video 009             Lunch and Dangle         05/13/2015

As I enjoy drinking a glass of red wine and eating my lunch, I dangle and shoe play with my sexy patent Anouk Jimmy Choo heels. Enjoy the set :) Videos and Photos.

 Photo Set 10     Shoe Video 006             So Kate Dangle         06/03/2015

Having fun dangling in my sexy So Kate Louboutin heels while sitting down and on the dining area, browsing on my laptop.


 Photo Set 11   Dangling Video 007            Sexy Blue Dangle        08/07/2015

I’m taking a break from my so boring and tiring offie job. So I decided to make myself a nice cup of coffee and went outside to enjoy the nice sunny weather. Dressed in black leather skirt, Blue leather jacket , tan thigh high nylons and my very sexy snaked skinned Giuseppe Zanote…..


   Dangling Video 008         Sexy Kitchen Dangle       08/14/2015

While waiting for the rice to cook, I decided to do a sexy shoeplay/dangle in the kitchen. Dressed in crop top, blue jeans and wearing my platform Chritian Louboutin high heels.    …..Video Only


  Photo Set 10         Dangle MK Heels      09/18/2015

A nice day to dangle my sexy Michael Kors heels .