Welcome to my official website. Published since October 1, 2014. Please venture through my site and see if you like my fun and exciting fetishes that I like to offer. Thank you and please visit again soon.

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Here is a sexy skirt ripping set. This time I am using a grater tool to shred my metallic designer skirt. I also used a scissor to cut when it gets tough and of course my bare hand to rip.

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Shoeplay  Series                                                                                 01/27/018

Casadei Dangle

Shoeplay Series

7.20 minutes clip 54 photos  at the members area

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Fun messy set with Jamari Rivera

Desert Disaster


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Wet Series : Purple Wetness

Shoepklay Series: A Wetter White

SiteSet 237  Burn Ralphie Burn   02/20/2018.

Vidiset 232: So Kate Stuck  02/20/2018                                                                         

Outside playing with my sexy Casadei heels and enjoying the nice warm day. Dangling, heel dipping, heel popping and stepping in bare feet.

Cammile and Jamari gets super messy on each other in this sexy messy video.When Cammile keeps repeatedly insults Jamari's dessert, Jamari gets furious at Cammile and decided to throw pies at her, Cammile fights back and squirt a bottle of whip cream on Jamari until she was covered with mess.

Ripping Series         February  05,2018

Grate Skirt Rip

I just bought this outfit that I am wearing. Nice sexy crop top, expensive leather pants and sexy blue pumps. I wanted to just show and model in front of the camera but my camera man decided to ruined my outfit by throwing thick custard all over me. My outfit got all very messy and ruined….

Messy Series:            Show and Mess                 12/27/2017

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Wet Series               CL Purple Dangle                        01/05/2018

Here is a sexy set with my new Christian Louboutin heels. Doing some walking and dangling . Close up shots on the shoeplay action and in high definition format.


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Ripping  Series:                                             01/13/2018

Shred The Lace

This lace dress really needs to go. I just cant seem to find it to like it on me. Every time  I tried to put it on it just doesn’t seem to look good. So today I will be ripping it using my spike thin heels.

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Throwback Archives Video

A Muddy Dirty Work

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Jamari Rivera receives a phone call from a desperate homeowner who has lost her ring in the mud pit. Jamari was unaware that she would be the one wading through the mud. Jamari shows up wearing a very expensive Ralp lauren leather skirt, expensive blouse and her sexy Collin Stuart high heels. She spents quite a while searching for the lost ring, all the while getting her extremely expensive clothing muddy. This clip contains: Girl in muddy puddle, muddy clothing, muddy high heels and muddy nylons.

Wet  Series                                                               01/20/2018

Dress Of Business

Here is a sexy video of shower in office attire.  Wearing a black with leather shoulder blazer, expensive business dress, tan pantyhose and the sexy office Gianmarco Lorenzi heels.