Welcome to my official website. Published since October 1, 2014. Please venture through my site and see if you like my fun and exciting fetishes that I like to offer. Thank you and please visit again soon.

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Two of my sexy mini dresses are getting trashed today. I am wearing two dresses in this set, both dresses are exactly the same except the color. Watch me as I tear and rip both dresses using my sexy Charles Jourdan heels.

Enjoy the set

13  minutes video and 65 photos at the members area.

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Shoeplay  Series                                                                                 11/07/017

Sexy Suede Pumps

Shoeplay  Series

10.5  minute clip and 37 photos at the members area

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Classy Gold Set  10/14/17

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Wet  Series : A Drop of Glamour

Ripping Series: Knitting

SiteSet 228  A Day With Three CL  11/25/2017.

SiteSet227: Muddy Boots 11/25/2017                                                                         

I started decorating my tree today, while dressed up in green suede dress, black pantyhose and sexy Jimmy Choo suede heels. I noticed my other black heels suede  ( Enzo Angiolini ) was under the tree. So what happens to the shoe? Enjoy the clip as I kick, step on ,tap on these sexy pair of suede heels while decorating the Christmas tree.

Today is a classy set, all sexy golden outfit with sexy gold Guess heels.

He told me if, all I have to do is walk across the muddy pit two times without falling and I will get paid 1000 dollars. We’ll I thought I could do it but I guess I wasn’t lucky. My sexy gold dress and heels gets pretty muddy as I fell on the muddy pit. The mud was pretty silky soft so I actually had fun getting muddy all over.

Muddy  Series:                Muddy Boardwalk                09/07/2017

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Ripping Series         November  14 ,2017

Double Tear


Shoeplay   Series:                                             09/14/2017

Red Suede Jimmy Choo

Spending some time in the kitchen table just browsing around the net. I am wearing red sweater, red leather skirt and my new sexy suede JC Anouk heels. Just doing some fun shoeplay :)

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Wet Series:                                                             09/25/2017

October Shower

Getting this beautiful gold leather dress soapy and wet as well with my pretty pair gold Stuart Weitzman pumps. Watch me as I have getting this pretty leather dress soaking wet.


Ripping  Series:                                                       09/31/2017

Red Party Dress

It’s time to part ways with this pretty party dress. This dress was pretty tough to rip but good thing I have my scissor to assist me :)

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Shoeplay  Series:                                                 10/07/2017

D&G vs JC-Video Only

Just having some fun stepping on each of  these very sexy and expensive heels…


Video in process of moving at clips4sale.com

Video in process of moving at clips4sale.com


Messy  Series                                                 11/14/2017

A Little Pied

Here is a fun set. I’m wearing this beautiful black leather dress and a nice black Gucci high heels. My camera man helped me make a mess on this leather dress by having him throw some cupcake custard on me.



Video in process of moving at clips4sale.com

Video in process of moving at clips4sale.com

Ripping  Series                                                               10/22/2017

From Cut To Corset

Giving this new dress a whole new look. I’ve only wore it a couple times and I just thought its time to end it. Starting from the top, ripping the knit fabric and worked my way down to tear and rip the beautiful leather part.

Wet Series               A Wetter White                         10/29/2017

Here a sexy wetlook set of my white knit dress getting all soaking wet and even my sexy Jimmy Choo boots get very wet.


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