Welcome to my official website. Published since October 1, 2014. Please venture through my site and see if you like my fun and exciting fetishes that I like to offer. Thank you and please visit again soon.

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It’s time to part ways with this pretty party dress. This dress was pretty tough to rip but good thing I have my scissor to assist me :)

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Wet Series                                                                                 09/25/017

October Shower

Wet Series

7.5 minute clip and 54 photos

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Red Leather Dress  09/07/17

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Wet  Series : A Drop of Glamour

Ripping Series: Knitting

SiteSet 223  Abused Heels in Mud 10/08/2017.

SiteSet222: Cleaning Suede  09/25/2017                                                                         

Getting this beautiful gold leather dress soapy and wet as well with my pretty pair gold Stuart Weitzman pumps. Watch me as I have getting this pretty leather dress soaking wet.

Showing off my new red long leather dress and my sexy suede Jimmy Choo Anouk heels.


Ripping Series:                                                  07/25/2017

Ghost in Office

Here I am working in my office on some very important papers, suddenly I felt a hand touching me on my shoulder but when I looked, there was nothing there. It felt strange and I didn’t know what to think. Only second later, something grab me and started to pull my blouse. It pulled so hard that I started to hear my blouse rip. When I broke free and turned around it was gone again. I was terrified. It finally attacked and ripped off my skirt  and sent it flying across the room and felt that I had to get out.


Feet  Series:                                                       08/02/2017

Messy Tasty Feet

Today  I am getting my feet relaxed. First I massage them with lotion. Then pour some berry cobbler and coffee. After that I step and stomp on the rest of the left over cobbler on the floor, smashing  until it makes a mess all over my feet.

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Wet   Series:                                                         08/08/2017

Sun Shower 2

Outside reading a magazine and enjoying a nice sunny afternoon. I been listening to the thunder in the distance but never imagined that it would start raining in my area. Refusing to go inside, I simply let the rain wash over my sexy leather outfit , my shiny pantyhose and my beautiful pair of So kate Christian Louboutin heels.


Messy  Series                                                 08/15/2017

Messy Satin Smear

I just got home from work and I had the crave for a sweet cake. I  was going to bake it but since I am wearing this sexy satin blue blouse, leather skirt, shiny nylon and a sexy pair of Christian Louboutin, I change my mind of baking the cake. Instead I decided to have fun with this thick cake batter by smearing it all over my office work outfit :)


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Wet Series                                                               08/26/2017

Shower in Office Attire #8

Here is another sexy office shower set. Getting soak and soapy in my pencil skirt , sating blouse, Emporio Armani blazer, pantyhose and these sexy leather Boutique pumps with gold heels.

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Ripping Series               Twice The Leather                     8/30/2017

I needed to thin out my closet. I’m getting rid some of my clothes by donating them out. But a few of this leather skirt I ended up destroying by ripping both them both  for you :)


He told me if, all I have to do is walk across the muddy pit two times without falling and I will get paid 1000 dollars. We’ll I thought I could do it but I guess I wasn’t lucky. My sexy gold dress and heels gets pretty muddy as I fell on the muddy pit. The mud was pretty silky soft so I actually had fun getting muddy all over.

Muddy  Series:                Muddy Boardwalk                09/07/2017

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Ripping/Clothing Destruction Series         September  31 ,2017

Red Party Dress


Shoeplay   Series:                                             09/14/2017

Red Suede Jimmy Choo

Spending some time in the kitchen table just browsing around the net. I am wearing red sweater, red leather skirt and my new sexy suede JC Anouk heels. Just doing some fun shoeplay :)


Video in process of moving at clips4sale.com

Video in process of moving at clips4sale.com